RDP042: How ROS is Developed with ROS Platform Manager Tully Foote


Written by Ricardo Tellez


Hi ROS Developers and welcome to the ROS Developers Podcast: the program, the podcast that gives you insights from the experts about how to program your robots with ROS.

This is Ricardo Tellez, from The Construct.
Today, I would like to dedicate the podcast to all those ROS developers of the world. Are you creating ROS programs, building robots based on ROS, creating companies of products based in ROS? Then this podcast is dedicated to you! You are growing this amazing system that help us so much in the development of the robotics field.

And today, I’m very honoured to introduce you Tully Foote. Tully is the man behind the ROS maintenance. Of course, he is backed up with a team of ROS developers, some of which, we have already interviewed here in previous episodes. But we can say that Tully is the manager of all of them. In Spanish we would say that Tully is “el que corta el bacalao”.

Selected quote:

“There are three types of work to create a new ROS version: new development, release management and package maintenance”

Tully Foote

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