RDP 049: Darknet ROS 3D with Francisco Martin


Written by Ricardo Tellez


Today, I would like to dedicate the podcast to the ROS Developers that participate at the European Robotics League. That is a robotics competition founded by the European Union, where participants can compete in urban environments. I know how difficult it is to make something work in the robot, so, for all those that are trying to do it for this League, this episode is dedicated to you.

And today, it is my pleasure to introduce you Francisco Martin. Francisco is associate professor at Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain) and member of Robotics Lab. He is a participant at the European Robotics League, at the Smart CIties RObotics Challenges. For that competition, Francisco has created a ROS package named darknet_ros_3D. He is going to tell us about this package and how they are using it at the competition.

Francisco Martin shows how Darknet ROS 3D works to detect object locations

Francisco Martin shows how Darknet ROS 3D works to detect object locations

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    • Ricardo Tellez

      Honored that you are listening to our podcast!

  1. Chris Hawkins

    I enjoyed this and all the podcasts. I ended up assessing this library for use in a project and it is working well so far. Thanks for the effort.

    • Ricardo

      Thanks Chris for your comment! Keep pushing your ROS learning!


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