RDP 033: Using Behavior Trees With ROS with Davide Faconti

Behavior Trees CPP library made by Davide Faconti, for the ROS Developers Podcast

Written by Ricardo Tellez


Hi ROS Developers and welcome to the ROS Developers Podcast: the program, the podcast that gives you insights from the experts about how to program your robots with ROS.

I’m Ricardo Tellez, from The Construct.
Today, I would like to dedicate the program to all the ROS Developers that thought that a state machine would do the work, but once implemented, they do not work for a specific case, so we have to add a specific condition for that case, but then another special case appears, and we provide another special solution, in an endless loop.

Anyway, today we are going to learn about what are behavior trees, why are they better than state machines and how can we use them inside ROS All those questions and many more will be answered by Davide Faconti, the creator of the BehaviorTree.CPP set of libraries

Selected quote:

“BehaviorTree CPP allows you to change the behavior tree in run time by modifying the tree specification on an XML file 

Davide Faconti

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