RDP 014: Using MATLAB with ROS with Sebastian Castro


Written by Ricardo Tellez



In this podcast we are going to learn how to integrate MATLAB code with ROS code to provide access to your robot to powerful mathematical libraries.

Included in the podcast:

  1. What is MATLAB and Simulink
  2. What is the idea behind usingMATLAB with ROS
  3. How does MATLAB provide support for ROS
  4. What is the difference between Simulink and Gazebo
  5. Useful MATLAB packages that ROS users can benefit from
  6. Is MATLAB ready for ROS 2?
  7. A competition surprise the guys of MATLAB are preparing for the ROSCON 2018!
  8. … and many more things

ROS with MatLab with Sebastian Castro

Selected quote from the interview:

MATLAB supports both the ROS prototyping setup and the ROS production one.

—-Sebastian Castro

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