RDP 010: Programming Pepper with ROS for the Robocup with Florian Lier

Florian Lier talks about Pepper robot with ROS for Robocup

Written by Ricardo Tellez


In this episode I talk to Florian Lier about what his team ToBI is doing to program Pepper the robot for the Robocup@Home competition.

We will explain the whole architecture they are using to program Pepper with ROS for the competition including:

  • In which computer to run which code
  • ROS wrappers for NaoQi
  • How to use a good Pepper simulation using Morse simulator
  • Which environments to use to develop robot behaviors, and where to find them
  • How they are integrating with automatic regression tests

Selected quote from the interview:

We are using a meta-build system that has templates for ROS, combined with some recipes on which you define the type of software you want to deploy. You put the recipes into a system description that is what you deploy into the ICI servers.

Florian Lier

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