RDP 008: Building Accessible ROSbots With Jack Pien

ROSbots robots with Jack Pien

Written by Ricardo Tellez


In this episode, Jack Pien will talk about how to use accessible robots based on ROS and OpenCV to learn robotics. Those robots are called ROSbots and Jack is the creator of them.

ROSbots come with ROS and OpenCV installed on a Raspberry Pi onboard the robot, ready for the user to create applications for it using the camera and the motor.

The purpose of those robots is to provide hackable robots, on which you can put your hands on, and implement all those robotics algorithms that you study.

Selected quote to from the interview

The vision with the ROSbots is to have a set of software bundles/lessons that you can use to run academic concepts of robotics on the robot

Jack Pien

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