RDP 006: Using ROS for Industrial Projects With Carlos Rosales

ROS Developers Podcast interview to Carlos Rosales

Written by Ricardo Tellez


In this episode of The ROS Developers Podcast, I chat with Carlos Rosales, CTO of Beta Robots a company dedicated to apply ROS into real life industrial projects.

He talks about the simulation model of the softhand, an open source hand with 5 fingers that is flexible and that absorbs collisions. He will also talk about different projects he and his company have been involved including industrial manipulators, perception and grasping. Finally he will provide some information about the Master of Robotics he is doing, including some links to the git of the master and the slides.

Selected quote to from the interview

If you open Kdevelop IDE from a ROS configured terminal, it will provide you with ROS definitions and autocompletion.

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