RDP 003: Programming With ROS For The Robocup With Sam Pfeiffer

Written by Ricardo Tellez


In this session of The ROS Developers Podcast, I chat with Sam Pfeiffer, who is a PhD student at University of Technology, Sydney where he leads the team of the University that goes to the Robocup with the Pepper robot. Among other things, he will explain us how he ROSified Pepper for that competition. He will also talk about how other participants of the competition are using Deep Learning to win, and how you can do that with ROS. Finally, he will recommend us some useful tools for programming with ROS, like for example a tool that he coded himself that allows to identify the ROS messages used by a remote ROS system, and create automatically a definition for the ones that your system does not have, so you can talk to the remote ROS system.

Selected quote from the interview

I took the decision of not trusting the wifi of the competition, so we run the whole ROS inside the Pepper robot.

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