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Speaker of ROS Developers Conference 2019
Miguel Angel Rodriguez

CTO at The Construct

Miguel Angel Rodríguez ROS Developers Conference 2019 #ROSDevCon19 Speaker

Title of the Speech 

Controlling a Pan&Tilt Raspberry Pi robot with ROS


AI and remotely controlled robots are an everyday chore for most roboticists. But managing those types of forkflows is tough and confusing. So in this brief explanation, I will teach you how to do it in a nearly painless way in ROSDS ( there isn't anything 100% painless in real robotics ;) ).

What You Will Learn

  • In this speech we will learn together how to connect to any robot that has ROS, using ROSDS real robot connection, and therefore be able to launch some systems remotely while others are launched inside the real robot.
  • We will learn how to set up your real robot system to be able to use ROSDS real robot connection feature through a simple setup script.
  • We will then move the Pan and tilt around from ROSDS and use other extra features.
  • If you want to control robots remotely or execute algorithms too heavy for the robot's systems in let's say, a 32 Core system great for AI applications, don't miss it.


In robotics recycling what others have previously done and built on top is key. ROS allows us to do that. And in this case, ROS makes much easier the communication through different systems seamless.

ROS connection to a RaspberryPi PanAndTilt through ROSDS #ROSDevCon19




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