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Keynote Speaker of ROS Developers Conference 2019
Ludovic Delval

Software Engineer at Fraunhofer IPA

Ludovic Delval Keynote Speaker of ROS Developers Conference 2019

Title of the Speech 

Porting a node from ROS1 to ROS2


Even if ROS1 and ROS2 share the same spirits (and developers), the technologies behind each version are different. More than just changing the API, some concepts have evolved as well. This result in some adaptation in the code in order to port a node from ROS1 to ROS2.


This talk aims to

    1. Highlight the changes in Python API from ROS1 to ROS2 (Python2.7 to Python3.5, rospy to rclpy)
    2. Show the new ROS2 concepts and uses when porting a node from ROS1 to ROS2 (e.g. nodes, executors)
    3. Explain the new ROS2 build system (ament/ colcon) and the difference with catkin
    4. Tutor the use of the ROS1 dynamic bridge.

Why ROS?

I’ve been introduced to ROS during my first years as subcontracted developer for Airbus research team in robotics activities. I really embraced the purposed of this open source middleware as most of my work was on software integration. ROS provided already so many great tools, and has a really great and responsive community that I wanted to contribute. I had the chance to join Fraunhofer IPA, who was an early adopter of ROS in Europe for their Service Robotics Work. Fraunhofer IPA is managing the European ROS Industrial Consortium and we aim to increase the usage of ROS in the industry.




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