How to build a Raspberry Pi & ROS Camera Robot | Ep.3

Build a Raspberry Pi & ROS Camera Robot

Written by Miguel Angel



In this video, you will learn how to mount the robot in an autonomous system. We will learn:
– How to install the Raspberry Pi Camera.
– How to do ssh to Raspberry Pi, remote desktop and install ROS kinetic in Raspberry Pi Ubuntu Mate.
– How to start a roslaunch that will allow us to move with the keyboard through ssh the robot
– How to see the images published in ROS of the camera.

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3D Models

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  1. Arman


    I am trying to install Ubuntu 16.04 for Raspberry Pi but its failing for some reason. Can you please provide a pre-compiled image of Ubuntu 16.04 and ROS. I have tried numerous times with different distribution like Raspbian but all failed.


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