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Learn How to Manage Fleets of Robots with ROS2

A 3-day, online, hands-on training to learn ROS2 and how to use it for multi-robot systems

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From Basics to Practical Applications

With ROS2 quickly becoming the standard for robotics, more systems need to cooperate to deliver robotic solutions.

This hands-on training is a practical intro to using ROS2 to manage multi-robot systems. You will learn how to use this open-source framework, and get hands-on experience using real robots. Ultimately, you will understand better how ROS2 can help you achieve your business goals.

What you will learn

  • Robot navigation in ROS2 using Nav2
  • Build a multi-robot navigation system
  • Fleet management of robots in a common environment using the Open Robotics Middleware Framework (Open-RMF)

How you’ll learn

  • ROS expert-led explanations
  • Perform exercises with simulated robots, along with the instructors.
  • Complete an entire project with the real robotic cafeteria.

Who is this training for?

  • ROS1 users who want to learn ROS2
  • People who want to be ready for new robotics technologies
  • Engineers or CTOs who want to build scalable robotics products, faster


Practice with Simulated & Real Robots

You will learn concepts in simulation before practicing on real robots.


StartBot Coffee


StartBot Coffee

We have created a real cafeteria for you to learn by programming service robots.


Rick & Morty


Rick & Morty


StartBot Coffee


StartBot Coffee


Trusted by industry professionals

Saleh Alkhamees

Systems Engineer

A LOT of Outcomes

It was a great training with A LOT of outcomes! Thank you for bearing with me. I really appreciate your professionalism during this training.

Brian L Merritt

Robotics Developer

Perfection Went Above

Thanks to The Construct for a great training course on ROS2 fleet management training and hands-on experience. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to manage multiple robots.


Robert Gruberski

Software Developer

Perfection Went Above

It was a lot of very useful knowledge and practice! Fleet management was the last part I had to figure out in my project to develop a robot for warehouse logistics, and this training helped me with that. Now I understand how Open-RMF works, know how to configure it, and am able to add it to my own project.

What will you learn from the curriculum?

Chapter 1

Set up multiple robots using Navigation 2 (Nav2) for ROS

  • Create maps
  • Localize the robot in the environment
  • Path Planning in ROS2
  • Avoid obstacles with Costmaps
  • LifeCycle Manager with Nav2
  • Behavior Trees with Nav2
Chapter 2

Introduction to RMF

  • Learn the need for robot fleet management tools.
  • Intro to RMF
  • Review of RMF capabilities
  • Overview of the RMF high-level structure
Chapter 3

Create an environment with RMF traffic editor and manually

  • Create an RMF map config file using an image map
  • Create a simulated environment based on the RMF map config file
  • Adapt existing simulated environments for RMF use
Chapter 4

Free Fleet – RMF WITH navigation TWO ROBOTS – SameFleet

  • Learn what is free fleet
  • Example of how to set it up for ONE fleet with two robots
Chapter 5

Free Fleet – RMF WITH navigation THREE ROBOTS – TWO Fleets

  • Set Free fleet for TWO fleets
Chapter 6

Simple RMF setup – without navigation

  • Understand the slot car plugin and how to set it up
  • RMF basic setup
  • Solve plans for each robot
  • Solve conflicts between current plans
  • Understand bidding between fleets
  • Write your own fleet_adapter
  • EXTRA: Send RMF commands through shell
Chapter 7

Free Fleet – RMF WITH navigation TWO ROBOTS – SameFleet

  • Set RMF with Free Fleet.
Chapter 8

Free Fleet – RMF WITH navigation THREE ROBOTS – TWO Fleets

  • Exercise: Run RMF
Chapter 9

Default Tasks

Use the default tasks available in RMF:

  • Loop
  • Delivery
  • Go to Battery
Chapter 10

Configure the network for ROS2

  • Fast-DDS discovery server

How it works

For 3 days, you can expect the following:

Day 1 sessions
  • Live 4-hour Nav2 based on simulated robots
  • Robot navigation in ROS2 using Nav2
  • Get hands-on reps through 7 guided exercises
  • Create a map of the remote real robot cafeteria, and localize the robot.
Day 2 sessions
  • Live 4-hour ROS2 Open-RMF based on simulated robots
  • Create RMF environment
  • Setup RMF
  • Get hands-on reps through 10 guided exercises
  • Work 4 hours on the remote real robot cafeteria project
Day 3 sessions
  • Live 4-hour Free Fleet course based on simulated robots
  • Set one fleet with two robots
  • Set Multi Fleet
  • Setup RMF
  • Get hands-on reps through 10 guided exercises
  • Work 4 hours on the remote real robot cafeteria project

Get certified

Upon completing this training, The Construct grants participants a shareable certificate of completion. This training is graded as a pass or fail; participants must receive 75% to pass and obtain the certificate of completion.

Your support team

We think you will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of support you have during the training.

Miguel Angel

Miguel Angel

Head of Research @ The Construct | Creator of over 10 ROS AI courses | Author of ROS IN 5 DAYS book collection

Alberto Ezquerro

Alberto Ezquerro

Head of Education @ The Construct | Creator of over 30 ROS courses | Author of ROS IN 5 DAYS book collection

Ricardo Téllez

Ricardo Téllez

CEO @ The Construct | Teacher of Robotics at La Salle University and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Rodrigo Gonzalez

Rodrigo Gonzalez

Robotics Engineer @ The Construct | Leader of RoBox – 24/7 Remote Real Robot Lab

Getting ready for new robot technologies

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[Online] The 2nd ‘Managing Fleets of Robots with ROS2’ hands-on training

Only 15 spots


October 5 – 7, 2022


3 DAYS: 8hrs/day

Daily from 9 am to 5 pm, CEST


Online with Remote Robots

The 2nd ‘Managing Fleets of Robots with ROS2’ hands-on training

3 days of live training guided by ROS experts

20+ hands-on exercises with simulated robots

12 hours of practice in our remote real robot cafeteria

6 months of access to the Robot Fleet Management in ROS2 curriculum

Continuously updated course content

Support from the instructors



Frequently Asked

+ What are the pre-requirements for this training?

Prerequisites knowledge required:

To prepare for this onsite training, you need to know the basics of Linux, Python, and ROS2 Basics. This is mandatory, so in case you need it, review the following three courses:

  1. Linux for robotics
  2. Python3 for robotics
  3. ROS2 Basics in 5 Days (Python)


  • A laptop (you can use Windows, Linux, or macOS)
  • Google Chrome or Firefox browser.
  • It is not necessary to have Linux on your computer. Any operating system is valid.

+ What is the language used in training?


+ What is the programming language used for the course?

Python in Linux

+ Do I need to install ROS in advance?

No. You only need to bring your laptop and connect to the internet. You can use Windows, Linux, or macOS.

“A training that far exceeded my expectations and answered a lot of my questions on Open-RMF!”

Pi Thanacha Choopojcharoen

Project Director & Co-founder – CoXsys Robotics Co., Ltd. 

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