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Machine Learning for Robots

Study up and learn to master the next level of ROS & robotics.In this learning path, you will build on your ROS skills and knowledge, and learn how to apply machine learning to ROS-based robots.

Machine Learning for Robotics

Learn about machine learning concepts applicable to robotics, and understand the fundamental principles of artificial intelligence.

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Reinforcement Learning for Robotics

Learn the main reinforcement learning techniques and algorithms.

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Deep Learning for Robotics

This course is about learning the basics of Deep Learning using the super cool Neural Networks!

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Using OpenAI with ROS Noetic

Use the power of OpenAI combined with ROS simulations the easiest way.

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Deep Learning with Domain Randomization

Learn how to train any robot to recognize an object and pinpoint its 3D location with only an RGB camera and a lot of training with Keras.

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ROS Deep Learning with TensorFlow 101

First step with ROS, DeepLearning Tensor Flow and ImageRecognition

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6 Courses

221 hours

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