A list of ROS2 supported sensors for robots


Written by Ricardo Tellez


This is a list I compiled of sensors for robots that already have support in ROS2. As you can see, there are just a few, and most of the drivers are outdated and for old ROS2 distributions. It may require some adaptation work to use these drivers for a modern ROS2 distribution.

If you are a sensor company or a ROS Developer, and you provide support for a sensor in ROS2, please let me know so I can update the list with your work.

Laser / LIDAR Sensors

  • Velodyne lidars: Drivers here for ROS2 Dashing
  • SICK lidars: Check this page for the drivers and the list of supported LIDARS
  • EAI YDLIDAR: Drivers here
  • Ouster OS-1 3D lidars: Drivers here for ROS2 Foxxy
  • Slamtech RPLidar: Drivers here (select the ROS2 branch).
  • Hokuyo URG laser: Drivers here.


Point Cloud Devices

  1. Orbbec Astra: Drivers here for ROS2 Dashing
  2. Intel RealSense D400 series cameras: Drivers here for ROS2 Dashing
  3. Xsense device: Drivers developed inside the Autoware.Auto project. Get them here.

IMU sensors

  • IMU Bosch BNO055: Drivers here
  • TrackIMU: Drivers here.
  • SBG System IMU: Drivers here for ROS2 Foxy


  • MNEA navsat based devices: Drivers here
  • NovAtel GPS: Drivers here for ROS2 Dashing


  • Denso Toyota/Lexus radar: Drivers here


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