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Stay Tuned for Live Class #79 in January 2020...Happy Holidays from The Construct team!

 #75 November 26  Why doesn't the Robot move when I send a Navigation Goal?
#76 December 3 Robot Mapping: Cartographer ROS
#77 December 10 Controlling a ROS Robot with a Web Page
#78  December 17  How to read laserscan data

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ROS Developers Live Class #78:

How to read laserscan data

In this class, you will learn how to read LaserScan Data from a sensor of a robot.

Date & Time

Scheduled for December 17, 2019 @ 6pm - 7pm CET

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Why is it so important to learn this topic?

The Laserscan data is one of the most used data in the world of robotics. Many mobile robots occupy it to be able to have a reference as to the distances to the nearest objects, or simply to measure the distance with respect to some objective. Measuring the distance between the different components that may be in an environment is very important for a robot; for example, it allows you to perform an optimal navigation with its main use of obstacle avoidance, in addition to being able to perform a mapping of the environment where the robot will move.
Many of the mobile robots have these kind of sensors and handle the aforementioned types of data, but how is it possible to work with them? If we need a specific distance between an object and the robot with respect to a specific angle, how can we work on it? Join us for this interesting class that will answer these questions.
In this class, you're going to use the RosBot by Husarion, a robot with LiDAR, designed to learn and develop ROS projects.


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