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MASTERING WITH ROS: TurtleBot 3 (Python)

Learn how to work with a TurtleBot 3 robot

About the Course

TurtleBot3 is a new generation mobile robot that is modular, compact and customizable. The goal of TurtleBot3 is to drastically reduce the size and lower the price of the platform without sacrificing capability, functionality, and quality. Optional parts such as chassis, computers and sensors are available, and TurtleBot3 can be customized in various ways. TurtleBot3 is willing to be in the center of the maker movement by applying the latest technical advances of the SBC(Single Board Computer), the Depth sensor and 3D printing technology.

Within this Course, you are going to learn how you can start working with the Turtlebot3 robot, explore its functionalities, and how to build some interesting ROS applications for it.

What You Will Learn

1. Basic Usage and control of the Turtlebot3 robot
2. How to perform Navigation with Turtlebot3
3. Follow a line with Turtlebot3
4. Object Recognition with Turtlebot3
5. Motion Planning in Moveit with Turtlebot3
6. Grasping with Turtlebot3

8 hours

Robots used in this course:

- Turtlebot3 Burger
- Turtlebot3 Waffle
- Turtlebot3 Waffle with Open Manipulator

Learning Path
Unit 1

Introduction to the Course

What you will learn with this course?
 (00:10 Hands on training)

Unit 2

Basic Usage

Basic Usage
(01:00 Hands on training)

Unit 3

Navigation with Turtlebot3

How to create a map of an environment
(01:00 Hands on training)

Localize the robot with the map
(01:00 Hands on training)

Path Planning with Obstacle Avoidance
(01:00 Hands on training)

Send a sequence of waypoints and execute those movements
(01:00 Hands on training)

Unit 4

Follow a line

Follow a line
(02:00 Hands on training)

Unit 5

Blob Tracking

Blob Tracking
(02:00 Hands on training)

Unit 6

Perception and Object Recognition

Perception and Object Recognition
(01:30 Hands on training)

Unit 7

Motion Planning using Graphical Interfaces

Motion Planning using Graphical Interfaces
(02:00 Hands on training)

Unit 8


Consist on applying the Navigation concepts you learned during the Course
(01:00 Hands on training)

Consist on perform some Motion Planning using code, instead of MoveIt.
(01:00 Hands on training)

Unit 9

Final Recommendation

Final Recommendations
(01:00 Hands on training)