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<b>Tomohiko Furutani</b></br><font color=#832021>Engineer at SoftBank Corp.</font>

Tomohiko Furutani
Engineer at SoftBank Corp.

When you want to test a complicated ROS subject, you need to have a lot of preparation (complex simulations running, complex code and instructions). The Construct already provides all that ready to start learning ROS.

<b>Román Navarro</b></br><font color=#832021>CTO of Robotnik</font>

Román Navarro
CTO of Robotnik

With less time, we obtained better results than reading books or tutorials. The Construct approach is a more dynamic way of learning, because they combine the tutorials with the environment to develop and test the programs, everything online.

<b>Dr. Andreas J. Häusler</b></br><font color=#832021>AIT Software Lead at OHB System AG</font>

Dr. Andreas J. Häusler
AIT Software Lead at OHB System AG

The Construct offers an integrated learning approach, guides you step-by-step ROS courses with growing difficulty levels, making your learning experience independent of your actual operating system. Highly recommended for learning ROS quickly!