Learning Path

Intro to Robot Programming – ROS

8 courses

The must-have learning path for Robot Operating System (ROS) & Robotics beginners. This learning path will provide you with the essential skills and knowledge you need to understand and create any basic ROS related project.

Course 1 : Linux for Robotics

Learn the Linux fundamentals you’ll need for robotics development

9hrs. 20min.

Course 2 : Python 3 for Robotics

Master the basics of Python 3 for robot programming

11hrs. 30min.

Course 3 : ROS Basics in 5 Days

Learn the fundamentals of ROS to understand and be able to program robots.

16hrs. 54min.

Course 4 : URDF for Robot Modeling

Understanding robot modeling using URDF

6hrs 49min.

Course 5 : TF ROS 101

To finally understand TF and Robot State Publisher in ROS 

14hrs. 35min.

Course 6 : ROS Control 101

To finally understand ROS_Control and how to use it on your robot.

6hrs. 15min.

Course 7 : Create Your First Robot with ROS

Creating your first ROS based Robot from Scratch.

20hrs. 20min.

Complete the course and final exam to get

Certification awarded

Beginners Welcome


Certification Exam

8 Courses


85h 43m

LinkedIn Certificate Provided

After completing the course and the final exam you will get a ROS Basics certification.

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