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Learn the latest robot programming techniques & best practices

Hands-on experience with industry-standard software & robots

Upcoming Training

Mastering Mobile Manipulators

Online training

From Zero to Robotics Pro: Master ROS2 for Mobile Manipulators. You will learn:

  • ROS2 for Beginners
  • Robot Navigation
  • Robot Perception
  • Motion Planning
  • MoveIt
  • Behavior Tree
  • ROS App
  • Web Interface Creation

Get ROS2 Industrial Ready

Online training

Learn how to control smart robots using ROS2 from the ground up. You will learn:

  • ROS2 Topics
  • ROS2 Debugging Tools
  • ROS2 Advanced Topics
  • ROS2 Navigation (Nav2)
  • Arm Navigation with MoveIt2
  • Grasping

Mastering ROS2 Navigation

Online training

Learn how to make robots autonomously navigate using ROS2 Navigation. You will learn:

  • SLAM (Mapping + Localization + Path Planning+ Obstacle Avoidance)
  • Behaviors + Plugins + Lifecycle Manager
  • Nav2 Application

Learn how to Build Robot Fleet Systems

Online training

Learn how to build robot fleet systems and integrate Open-RMF for robot fleet management from the ground up. You will learn:

  • Generate RMF-enabled Gazebo simulations
  • Set up a basic RMF system for multiple robot fleets
  • Basic RMF task settings
  • Create custom robot fleet adapters
  • Define advanced tasks and behaviors
  • Docking the robots in RMF for battery charging
  • Set up cleaning procedures in the RMF
  • Integrate human-operated stations with RMF
  • Integrate doors and lifts in RMF
  • Integrate robotic arms and other processing workstations in RMF

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