ROS Q&A | Create an obstacle that cannot be stepped in for Gazebo Simulator

Written by Miguel Angel



Let’s learn how to create an obstacle in Gazebo. Here you have the video response of how to do this test:

Here I leave the main things I used to test it and some system information:
Information System:
Ubuntu 14.04.5 trusty ROS Version: indigo Gazebo 7.4.0

I Created a Gazebo model with the code you posted: C:\fakepath\model.sdf And a “model.config”

Then I spawned it in a empty world: C:\fakepath\

And then I used a simple spawn launch for sdfs: C:\fakepath\spawn_testobject_sdf.launchC:\fakepath\spawn_sdf.launch

I then used one robot I had to test the interaction, and it intercated perfectly, it didn’t go through.

We need more info to get to the solution but, definetly is not the box. The problem may come from some world parameters, or from the robot itself. Maybe the meshes of the feet are to simple or don’t have enough subdivisions in the mesh. Maybe its ultra heavy or maybe its something configured that avouds colisions with certain elements.


Answer response to the gazeboanswer question:…


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