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Today, I would like to dedicate the episode to those ROS developers that use simulations as a key element in their ROS development. I mean, you use the simulation to test your programs until they work properly in it and then, and only then, you move to the real robot testing. For the professional ROS

The DogBot Quadruped for AI Research With Greg Epps

 Today, I would like to dedicate the podcast to those ROS developers that are creating a robotics startup based on real robots. I mean hardware!! And you make your robots based on ROS. Yeah you are the best! For the brave, this podcast is dedicated to you! And today, it is my pleasure to

A History Of ROS (podcast)

Wednesday, 11 September 2019 by

ROS (Robot Operating System) is now very popular among roboticists. Researchers, hobbyists, and even robotics companies are using it, promoting it and supporting it. However, it was not always like that. Do you know ROS history? In the early days, ROS was an unknown only used by a bunch of robotics freaks. How did ROS reach


Today, I would like to dedicate the podcast to those students that aim to become  ROS developers. If you are studying ROS for your undergraduate course, for your PhD thesis, for your job at a robotics company, just would to tell you that sometimes ROS can seem difficult and complex, but I can assure you

Why to learn ROS? Podcast

Why Do We Need To Learn ROS?

Wednesday, 21 August 2019 by

This episode is dedicated to the notion that you can make an impact in society by creating the intelligence of the robots of the future. I want to convert you into a robotics developer. In case you want to become a robotics developer, then you need to learn ROS. Wait a minute! Some questions arise