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Work with the Bug 0 algorithm Exploring ROS with a 2 wheeled robot

Work with the Bug 0 algorithm In this post, we are creating a new script to implement the Bug 0 behavior. This one that will drive our robot to a give position, switching between “go to point” and “wall follower” algorithms. Step 1 – Introduction First, let’s check how it is going to work, in

Buoyancy Dynamic Control Gazebo

About In this video you will learn: How to create a plugin to change dynamically the mass of a model link How to create a simulation of water vehicle basics List of materials ROSject Git of Buoyancy Package Video of Buoyancy model in Gazebo Gazebo Answer Question that inspired this 3D Models Orange Robot Sphere

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Exploring ROS with a 2 wheeled robot #7 - Wall Follower Algorithm

Wall Follower Algorithm Hello ROS Developers! In this post number #7, as we continue on the track of the video series, we are going to go line-by-line in order to achieve the Wall Follower Algorithm. In order to start, you can use the ROSject we generate in the previous post, by copying it here. Our goal

Exploring ROS with a 2 wheeled Robot #6 - Robot Motion Planning

Robotic Motion Planning Hello ROS Developers! In this post we continue with the series Exploring ROS with a 2 wheeled Robot. In the previous post, we created an obstacle avoidance algorithm. Today we’ll start working with motion planning! We’re going create an algorithm to go from a point to another using the odometry data to

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Obstacle Avoidance In this tutorial, we will learn what is an obstacle avoidance algorithm and how it works. Let’s go! STEP 1 First thing, let’s open our ROSject finished in the previous post. If you don’t have it, just copy my own version from here: I start launching the new world (with obstacles) we created

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