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My ROS Story #1: Why I Learn ROS?

Saturday, 10 August 2019 by

What follows is the ROS story of Shahram Najam from Pakistan. Shahram is a ROS student at the Robot Ignite Academy, and he wanted to share his ROS engagement with all of us. Why ROS? So, for this article, it would be appropriate to give a brief background of who I am and what are

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My Robotic Manipulator 02 – URDF + XACRO

My Robotic Manipulator – Introduction Hey ROS developers! In this post, we start working on our own robotic manipulator. Based on the YouTube video series, we’ll show in this format the steps to achieve the final result of the series! In this post number #2, I’m gonna show how to use XACROs in order to

GMapping Robot Navigation

Step 0 – Introduction Hey ROS Developers! This is our last post of the series, actually a Bonus post, to show something ready-to-use ROS provides to us. The GMapping package, to create maps while our robot navigates in a given environment. We are going to show how to configure a launch file in order to

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Motion planning algorithms Bug2

Step 0 – Introduction Yes! We have skipped part number #11. That’s because it was an adjustment from ROS Indigo to ROS Kinetic. It’s not something necessary now, because we have already started using Kinetic. In this post, we implement Bug 2 algorithm in our existing robot! Let’s use some algorithms we have already done in

Top 10 ROS Based Robotics Companies in 2019

ROS is becoming the standard in robotics, not only for robotics research, but also for robotics companies that build and sell robots. In this article, I will offer a list of the top 10 worldwide robotics companies that base their robotics products on ROS. Criteria This is the list of criteria I followed to select