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vector and ball

What will you learn in this post Learn how to launch the Vector simulation and how to launch a Red Ball tracking node using ROS and the package created by BetaB0t Vector_ROS List of resources used in this post The ROSject with the simulation and code Plug and Play: A live version of

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About: In this video we will learn how to setup your local computer to use the Vector SDK to execute your own custom programs to play with VECTOR. Access all the VECTOR API with 3 simple steps in Ubuntu 16 ———————————————————————– Install SDK in ALL OS: VECTOR API: Setup Script fro Vector in

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About: In this video we start a new video series which will revolve around Deep learning (thanks for the amazing support you gave to the youtube poll asking this ). We will use Vector robot from ANKI as platform to execute our own projects, due to its ease of use and robustness. Its also a

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About: In this extra video, we run the first AgentSmith Awards and show you how to connect in less than 5minutes to the Robots ROS system with ROS Development Studio, with just a few clicks. ———————————————————————– Chris Macier Facebook: SmithAgent Model: If you have been awarded one you have the right to print it

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About: This is the last video of this RaspBerryPi RGB camera robot. In this video, we talk about the code modifications were done to the line follower to adapt it to the real robot needs and limitations. We also so the setup for the camera. And finally, we see a demonstration of how it performs.

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