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Pan & Tilt Face Tracking in ROS

About Do you want to do a face tracking Pan & Tilt system with ROS? This is the tutorial for you! This video will show you how to do a face tracking system using ROS and all the system we generated in the previous videos. We will learn: How to integrate icog_face_tracker package in ROS

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Pan & Tilt Gazebo Simulation

About In this video you will learn: How to create a Pan & Tilt Gazebo simulation How to connect it to previous real robot server List of materials ROSject Git of Pan And Tilt Project Pand&Tilt HAT fro Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi 3B SD Card Plug with button Camera Related courses & tutorials Video Tutorials

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Create ROS Server to Access Pan & Tilt

About Learn how to create a ROS node server and some custom messages to access the real Pan & Tilt. This way any ROS program will be able to access the Pan & Tilt and will serve as the base for creating a simulation in the next video. Git of Pan And Tilt Project List

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Pan & Tilt with Raspberry Pi and ROS tutorials the construct

About In this video, you are going to learn how to set up your raspberry pi to use the Pan & Tilt Hat created by WaveShare. We will create a python class to move the two servos and test all its functionality. Remember to leave a message of love to ANKI 😉 with the Hashtag

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About: In this video, you are going to learn how to connect to the real Vector ROBOT through ROSDS using the real robot connection tools. You will also use a docker created by betaB0t to connect to VECTOR. Commands to launch the docker in your local PC: sudo docker run -e ANKI_USER_EMAIL=(EMAIL) -e ANKI_USER_PASSWORD=(PASSWORD) -e

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