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  Learn how to use a Gazebo simulation in Raspberry Pi through OpenVPN. Access ROS topics published in ROS Developement Studio in RaspberryPi and also access images published by Raspberry Pi in ROS Developement Studio. Access ROS Developement Studio Now: Learn also how to access Raspberry Pi through SSH or RDP from your local

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  The third video on the series where you learn how to build the sentinel of TheMatrix film, which is an octopus like robot. Learn how to build it in Gazebo and use ROS to move it around. Next set of videos will be about adding the meshes. Remember  to post your crazy robot projects

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  Second part where we talk about how the xacro works in depth. Check out the first part if you haven’t seen it yet:

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  1 Learn how to build the Sentinel Robots from the Matrix for Gazebo Simulator. Learn about advances XACRO techniques. In these first set of videos you will build a basic geometric version. Here is the git for the code:   2 Second part where we talk about how the xacro works in depth.

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  In this post you are going to learn: How to build a simple differential drive simulation in Gazebo simulator. How to add a plugin to the model to allow ROS commands to the robot How to move the robot through ROS topics For this purpose you need to download this file which contain the basic structure to start. We are