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[Gazebo in 5 minutes] 006 - How to use an image file as texture for gazebo model

In this video we’ll learn how to use an image file as texture for gazebo model. Let’s go! Links mentioned in the video and other useful links: Robot Ignite Academy, the place to learn to program robots using only a web browser ROS Development Studio (the environment used in the video), another powerful online tool

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[Gazebo Q&A] 004 - How to create a Planar Moving Element in Gazebo ROS

In this video, you will learn two methods to move an element on the plane, ground level. This first one is using two prismatic joints working together to achieve this planar movement. The second is creating a custom plugin that sets the speeds of the model to move around the plane. Related resources: This is

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openai gym computers ros gazebo

This post was written by Miguel A. Rodriguez and Ricardo Tellez   In this post we are going to see how to test different reinforcement learning (RL) algorithms from the OpenAI framework in the same robot trying to solve the same task. We are going to use the openai_ros package, which allows to change algorithms

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[Gazebo Q&A] 003 - How to spawn an SDF custom model in Gazebo with ROS

  In this video, we are going to show you how to spawn an SDF model correctly using a ROS package. You will learn what to exactly setup so that gazebo can find the model and how to structure the model file to include all the elements needed for any model in GAzebo. In this

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[Gazebo Q&A] 002 - How to create Gazebo plugins in ROS #Part 2

This is the Second part of the video response to this GazeboAnswer. If you haven’t seen the first part, please check it out here. In this video we will create a Model PLugin and then a more complex one integrated with ROS with susbcribers, to make an EarthQuake plugin. Stay until the end for a

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