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What is Gazebo simulation?

Gazebo is a leader in robot simulation. It is a tool relied upon by hundreds of thousands of users and developers around the world. Perhaps you have heard “Gazebo simulation” many times, but you don’t know exactly what it is or how it works. In this post, you will learn what a Gazebo simulation is by practicing,

Welcome to the ROS Q&A series again. In this post, we are going to answer and solve a question from a user on Gazebo Answers which asks how to launch a Parrot Drone simulation locally. The question can be found here. What will you learn in this post How to spawn a drone simulation in your local

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Air Drag in Gazebo

What will you learn in this post How to create a Gazebo plugin to generate dragging when a model moves. How to create a simple propulsion system plugin List of resources used in this post The ROSject with the code used in this post. Git of Pan And Tilt Project, in case you don’t want

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About This video aims to teach how the Gazebo plugins work with ROS and how to use then to move a robot with mecanum/omni wheels. You will learn Set up a Gazebo plugin in the XACRO file Control your robot with mecanum wheels using the keyboard Robot Used in this video Summit XLS wheels Course-related

[Robot Modeling] Assembling Mecanum Wheels Robot

Welcome to the second episode of the series of creating a Virtual Model of an Omni Wheel Robot. In this episode, we will learn: How to assemble the mecanum robot & create XACRO files Understand launch files and robot descriptions in RViz/Gazebo Robot Used in this video Summit XL wheels from Robotnik Courses related to