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Start Coding on ROS

Start Coding on ROS

In order to create ROS programs, you will need a C++ or Python code editor. In this chapter, we are going to show you a list of integrated environments for programming ROS with those languages. Many others do exist, but we are putting the most complete and easy to...

[ROS in 5 mins] 025 – What is Rviz?

[ROS in 5 mins] 025 – What is Rviz?

In this post, we will see what Rviz is all about and how to use it. We are going to use a ROS1 installation for this, but you don’t need to install ROS, as we will use the ROS Development Studio (ROSDS), an online platform that provides access to ROS1 or ROS2...

[ROS Q&A] 196  – How to Output Odometry Data

[ROS Q&A] 196 – How to Output Odometry Data

In this post, you will learn how to access and output odometry data programmatically. More specifically, you will learn how to create a C++ program for subscribing to and printing different parts of the odometry message. This is useful for cases where you need to make...

ROS for Beginners: How to Learn ROS

ROS for Beginners: How to Learn ROS

Now is the moment to start learning ROS. We find many people that are new to ROS lack the basic skills necessary to start programming in ROS. That is why we have included a section of prerequisites here that you must meet before trying to get into ROS. PREREQUISITES...

What is ROS?

What is ROS?

INTRODUCTION TO ROBOT OPERATING SYSTEM (ROS) If you are reading this, it is because you either are or you want to become a ROS developer. Basically a ROS developer is somebody who wants to build programs for robots based on ROS. Yeah, but what is ROS? How can I learn...

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