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The first robot serving coffee to the tables in the world

The Release Conference and Demonstration of Barista was successfully concluded!! Thanks to everyone for coming & share with us this wonderful moment!


Release Conference and Demonstration

Review the Release Conference and Demonstration

Story about Barista & her Creators

Barista has been developed by The Construct and two vibrant students: José and Salva. They studied at Institut La Guineueta school and were working part-time at Costa Coffee.

They learn ROS from zero through the Robot Ignite Academy. Then built the coffee shop simulation and robot control algorithms using the ROS Development Studio in only 3 months!!

Now Barista is ready for sale!!

The project evolved into a product.

Barista is ready to work autonomously at any Coffee Shop serving coffee to your customers.

Robots & Coffee

What else!

An even funnier and easier way to have a coffee

Provide a unique experience to your coffee shop customers

Barista fits in most shops and works autonomously in any of them

Barista in the News

Dos estudiants de Barcelona creen un robot cambrer pioner al món

El Baristabot és capaç de portar les comandes a les taules dels clients a través d’uns sensors José Luis Grande i Salva Molina han creat el Baristabot, el que, segons ells, és el primer robot del món que porta les begudes directament a les taules. Els dos joves, de 26 i 22 anys, eren estudiants del Cicle de Grau Superior...


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The first coffee shop in the world that has a robot that helps to serve coffees completely automatically

Barcelona, ​​July 12 (EFE) .- Two students from the La Guineueta Institute of Professional Cycles in Barcelona, ​​Jose Grande and Salvador Molina, aged 26 and 22 respectively, have created a robot that serves the cafes to the tables in a cafeteria in Barcelona .
The first "barista" robot, manufactured by the Spanish company The Construct

They create a robot that serves coffee to the tables in a coffeeshop of Barcelona

The first "barista" robot, manufactured by the Spanish company The Construct, has been presented this afternoon in one of the coffee shops Costa Coffee in Barcelona, ​​which has incorporated it as one more waiter.

Two young students brings their passion for technology with coffe

"We really like the world of robotics and, working on Costa Coffee, I saw that it might be interesting to invent some kind of robot that would help the baristas and offer a better service to the customers," explained José Grande. The CEO of The Construct, Ricardo Tellez, is a regular customer of Costa Coffee and, when he knew the idea, decided to bet on it and help in the construction of the robot.

BARISTA wants to work for you!

Be the next to have Barista Robot in your coffee shop. Contact us to learn how!

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