Attending the ROSCON with Drashti Patel

Written by Ricardo Tellez


Hi ROS Developers and welcome to the ROS Developers Podcast: the program, the podcast that gives you insights from the experts about how to program your robots with ROS.

This is Ricardo Tellez, from The Construct.

Today, I would like to dedicate the episode to all those ROS developers that attended the ROSCON 2019 some weeks ago. I can tell you that it was the best ROSCON ever. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did, and that you learned as much as I did. I mean, you can learn so much in such a conference that at the end of the day you can feel how your brain cannot handle anymore. Amazing!

Today, we are going to talk with one ROS student that attended the last ROSCON thanks to the Diversity Scholarship that Open Robotics offers.

But before going into that, let me remind you about our ROS online academy. Yes, at the Construct we have created an online academy named The Robot Ignite Academy which contains a ROS learning path for beginners. We start by teaching you Linux and Python for robotics, and we continue teaching you all the basic ROS concepts required to become a master of ROS. We conclude with a course that teaches you how to build your own robot and how to ROSify it, add ROS control to it so you can finally become a ROS Developer. Check it out here:

So now, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Drashti Patel. Drashti is Master student of the Master of Science and computer engineering of the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark. There she also works as teaching assistant. She is a ROS developer specialized in Embedded systems and SLAM. Let’s talk with her about her experience in her first ROSCON.

Welcome to the podcast Drashti!



Drahsti_Patel_roscon_1 (picture by Drashti Patel)



Drashti_Patel_ROSCON_Ricardo_Tellez (picture by Drashti Patel)



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