Affordable Mobile Manipulator TR2 with Zach Allen

TR2 robot from Slate Robotics by Zach Allen

Written by Ricardo Tellez


In this episode we interview Zach Allen, CEO of Slate Robotics. At Slate Zach and his team develop what is called a mobile manipulator. What is a mobile manipulator? It is a robot that is able to navigate around an environment and it is also able to grasp things. In order to work with human stuff, the mobile manipulator must be big enough to reach objects in tables, and capable enough to reach objects in the ground. Zach is going to tell us about their TR2 robot, what are its main features and how did they achieve to provide such nice robot for under $4.000. That is an impressive feat since other mobile manipulators around cost in the range of the $50.000.

And of course, everything working with ROS.


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