97. Visualization and debugging tools for ROS robots


Written by Ricardo Tellez


I would like to dedicate this episode to people that are starting to debug programs. You may have learnt how to build code for ROS robots, but when you move from the lessons provided by the courses, for instance the ones that we provide at The Construct academy, now is when it starts to get interesting. Debugging is the difficult part because it is there where you start learning deep ROS. So if you are feeling the struggles of debugging ROS programs, this episode is for you.

Today we are going to be talking about a tool that helps us debug ROS programs in a visual way, but before going into that, let me tell you that his week is the last one for registering to the ROS2 Industrial ready online workshop. This is a workshop of 5 days, that you will be doing online, 6 hours every day. You will be learning from ROS2 basics, to ROS2 navigation and manipulation and grasping. You will practice remotely with these robots that you can see here. You will be connecting remotely to them and make your practice. 



Now let me introduce you Adrian Macneil who is a former director of infrastructure at Cruise and currently the CEO and co-founder of Foxglove, a company in the mission to create better robotics visualization tools. Today we are going to talk to him about the tools they are developing to simplify our debugging needs. Welcome to the podcast Adrian!

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