96. How Robotnik built a world leader robotics company based on ROS

Written by Ricardo Tellez


I would like to dedicate this episode to people that are thinking about building their own robotics startup. Yes the world needs you. Somebody has to build the robots that we saw in the movies. Those robots that help humans in dangerous environments like the Moon or Mars. Those robots that take the hard jobs in their shoulders, those robots that become our must trusted companions.

Today we are going to learn first experience of a person who built a world leader robotics startup based in ROS.

Now let me introduce you Roberto Guzman. Roberto is the founder and CEO of Robotnik company, a ROS based robotics company that produces many types of service robots. He is a ROS expert and has many years experience launching service robots to the market. Real service robots!

Let’s talk with him about the creation of a successful ROS based robotics company.

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