95. Teaching ROS at the US Air Forces with Steve Beyer


Written by Ricardo Tellez


I’m Ricardo, from The Construct.

I would like to dedicate this episode to people that teaches robotics and ROS around the world.

Today we are going to learn how the US military Air Force learn to program robots with ROS.

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Steve Beyer

Now let me introduce you Steve Beyer. Steve is an embedded systems engineer and roboticist that is a member of the United States Air Force developing the US Air Force’s digital communications infrastructure in the Middle East. More recently, he changed his role to senior instructor of embedded systems and robotics at the United States Air Force Academy.

Let’s talk with him about the teaching of robotics in the US Air Force.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during this interview are the author’s and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Department of Defense,  the United States Government, United States Air Force, or United States Air Force Academy.

Welcome to the podcast Steve!

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