93. Using Unity with ROS, with Sarah Gibson


Written by Ricardo Tellez


I would like to dedicate this episode to people that test their code in simulation prior to go to the real robot. That is the way guys. If you don’t test first on the simulation, you can break the robot or harm somebody with your untested code. So the procedure is always, test on simulation until it works there. Then test on the real robot. I know, we all want to test directly on the robot because is cooler, but, we don’t neither like to do unit tests but we do them, right?!?!? So…

Today we are going to learn how we can use amazing Unity powered simulations with ROS controllers.

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Now let me introduce you Sarah Gibson, Senior Engineering Manager, Robotics | Unity Technologies. She is going to talk with me about using Unity in robotics development, and specially in using ROS and Unity to build ROS based robot simulations.

Welcome to the podcast Sarah!

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