89. How to build a robotics startup: the product idea


Written by Ricardo Tellez


In this podcast series of episodes we are going to explain how to create a robotics startup step by step.

We are going to learn how to select your co-founders, your team, how to look for investors, how to test your ideas, how to get customers, how to reach your market, how to build your product… Starting from zero, how to build a successful robotics startup.

I’m Ricardo Tellez, CEO and co-founder of The Construct startup, a robotics startup at which we deliver the best learning experience to become a ROS Developer, that  is, to learn how to program robots with ROS.

Our company is already 5 years long, we are a team of 10 people  working  around the world. We have more than 100.000 students, and tens of Universities around the world use our online academy to provide the teaching environment to their students. 

We have bootstrapped our startup, but we also (unsuccessfully) tried getting investors. We have done a few pivots and finally ended at the point that we are right now. 

With all this experience, I’m going to teach you how to build your own startup. And we are going to go through the process by creating ourselves another startup, so you can see in the path how to  create your own. So you are going to witness the creation of such robotics startup.

This episode is about deciding the product your startup will produce.

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  1. Francisco Javier Gañán

    Very interesting! I enjoyed the podcast and taked notes of your advices.

    Very grateful for your help in general too. My classmates and I couldn´t have achived the results of our university project, about trying severeal controls for an ABB manipulator (simulated with Gazebo), without your help. We learnt a lot about ROS structure. Proud to be a ROS beginner with such a great community of teachers and colaborators!

    • Ricardo Tellez

      Very honoured we produced something useful for you and your mates. Stay tuned, and keep pushing your ROS learning!

  2. Sebastian

    Very assertive your comments! Aren’t only for robotics developers, are for all startups. Another important thing for a startup is it must has a scalable format. If your startup hasn’t scalable format its growing going to limited.
    Thank you for this podcast!

    I want to next podcast, in particular for: how to you sell a MVP?

  3. Andre

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