105. Managing fleets of robots with Open-RMF with Yadunund Vijay

Written by Sonia Wang


I would like to dedicate this episode to people that are thinking about building fleets of heterogeneous robots for automating whole businesses like pizzerias, hotels, or hospitals.

In this episode, you are going to learn how to make multiple robots navigate in a ROS2 environment, and how to use the Open-RMF to manage different fleets.

Now let me introduce you to Yadunund Vijay. Yadunund is one of the main developers of the Open-RMF at Open Robotics in Singapore. He is also the technical leader of several other software projects using ROS2. What is the Open-RMF? Why do we need it? How does it work? Those are some of the questions that Yadunund will explain to us during this interview.

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