103. Vulcanexus the all-in-one ROS2 toolset, with Jaime Martin Losa

Written by Sonia


I would like to dedicate this episode to people that are struggling with ROS2, but are not giving up.

In this episode we are going to learn about how to develop ROS2 programs with less effort, in a more efficient way, by using a set of ROS2 tools encapsulated in a distribution.

Now let me introduce to you Jaime Martin. Jaime is the CEO of eProsima the company developing Fast DDS, the default middleware for the upcoming release of ROS2 Humble. He is an expert in middlewares, and as such, he leads also the eProsima membership at the OMG and the Technical Steering committee of ROS2 and he is the responsible of eProsima contribution to the DDS standards.

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