A Platform to Learn/Teach Robotics from Zero

Everything from robotics theory to ROS based robot programming

50+ Robotics Courses

Comprehensive Robotics & ROS Curriculum

From entry-level to advanced, we cover all your needs on the path to becoming a robotics developer

Python for Robotics

Python 3 for robot programming

ROS Basics in 5 Days

The must-have course for ROS beginners

Linux for Robotics

Linux fundamentals for robotics development

Robot Dynamics and Control

Learn to develop dynamic models and intelligent control systems for simple robots

ROS2 Basics for C++

Learn how to start working with ROS2
Robot Kinematics online course

Arm Kinematics

Learn the basic kinematic concepts of robotic arms

ROS Mobile Manipulators

Mastering ROS autonomous mobile manipulators

Robot Navigation

Learn SLAM, Localization, and Path Planning algorithms for robots

Learn faster, by doing

Work as a robotics developer from day one!

You will learn by practice on:

  • 50+ Robot Simulations
  • Nvidia Jetson Nano Real Robots (Coming soon!)
  • Real Robot Robotic Arms (Coming soon!)

For a Personal Robotics Career

Become a ROS & Robotics Developer

From theory to ROS robot programming and hands-on projects, we’ll help you master the concepts and tools you’ll need throughout the robot development pipeline.

For Robotics Teams

Develop your robotics team

Enable your team or new employees to master the latest robotics skills fast to achieve your specific goals.

For Teaching Robotics

Teach robotics & ROS the easy way

We provide an online teaching environment for teachers who want to get their Robotics & ROS classes set up quickly

Our Students

We’ve helped over 40,000 learners just like you learn ROS & Robotics

Everything you need to start learning ROS is here, and there are many interesting ROS courses that aren’t found on the internet!


Manager of the AI Robot Dev. Team, SoftBank

An amazing platform, and so easy to use by people at all levels and anywhere in the world.

Prof. Radhika Nagpal

Computer Science, Harvard University

With less time, we obtained better results than reading books or tutorials. This is a more dynamic way of learning!


CTO, Robotnik

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Do I need a robot to start learning?

No. You will learn robotics by practicing on simulated robots and on robots remotely with our learning environment.

Do I need to install any software on my PC?

No. The whole learning environment is online.

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