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You are a legend, and thanks to The Construct! I’m actually being able to get robotics jobs I never dreamed of getting.

Alejo Cain

Computer Scientist / Mechanical Engineer / Robotics Enthusiast

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Prepare yourself to develop intelligent robots that move on the Moon, Mars, and beyond. 

We are with you on your robotics journey.

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from Beginner to Pro

All the Topics You Need

Robotics, ROS, and AI – dive deep into the essential topics to take you from basic to advanced robotics skills.

From the First Line of Code to your First ROS Project

We’ll show you how to use ROS to program robots and create your first robot from scratch.


Do to understand. Learn each concept by practicing using robot simulations and real robots.

24/7 Real Robots Labs

Our remote real robots allow you to connect and program from anywhere. Enjoy the fun of applications without spending a lot of money to buy robots.

Hands-On-Based Robotics & ROS Courses that are Faster than Self-Learning.


NO ROS Installation Required

 Don’t waste time on software setup. Everything is online. 


Dozens of Robot Simulations

Walk away with extensive hands-on robotics experience.


Large ROS Dev. Community

   Network & learn new ways to build robots.


Our Current 24/7 Remote Real Robot Labs

Certificates Provided In 3 Steps


Take A Course


Complete The Course Project


Present The Project Online


Everything you need to start learning ROS is here, and there are many interesting ROS courses that aren’t found on the internet!


Tomohiko Furutani

Manager of the AI Robot Development section

An amazing platform, and so easy to use by people at all levels and anywhere in the world.


Radhika Nagpal

Professor of Computer Science

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