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Workshop on Teaching ROS

Learn a method to teach ROS fast with no hassle

21st JULY 2017


One-day Workshop on Teaching ROS

Robot Operating System

Is becoming the standard of robot programming, and it is growing faster than ever.

But teaching ROS to students can be a daunting process.

Even if there are many good tutorials around, the novelty of the concepts makes it hard for students.


The aim of this one-day workshop is to show you

how to change your classes from passive listening to active practising.

Move away from a slides based teaching method to a notebook based one, where direct interaction with robots is embedded in the method itself.

Who Should Attend

Teachers who may need to prepare a syllabus for a summer ROS course, for a future semester, or for a robotics programming course.

We are not going to teach ROS but how to teach ROS for fast learning

Workshop Topics Include


The theory behind the method


How to manually implement the theory for your own courses


How to use an already working system online

Requirements For Attendance

A laptop ( can have any operating system)

Basic knowledge of ROS

An active attitude



CEO at The Construct
ROS Expert
PhD Artificial Intelligence Engineer
Robotics Professor at La Salle
10 + years experience in finding new ways within the world of service robotics

My goal: make robots understand what they are doing! Specialties: Artificial neural nets for the control of robots, SLAM techniques for navigation of robots in human environments, machine learning applied to robotics, cognitive robotics.

Workshop Schedule

21 July, 2017

09:30 to 11:30: The theory behind the method
11:30 to 13:30: How to manually implement the theory for your own courses
13:30 to 14:30: Lunch Time
14:30 to 16:30: How to use an already working system online

Workshop Venue

Gran Vía de les Corts 608 3-D, 08007, Barcelona, SPAIN


To assist us in planning, pre-registration is required.

Exclusive for ONLY 5 individuals

Please note that the Workshop is FREE but we will charge 10€ just to ensure that you are committed to attend.
The payment will be returned at the workshop.