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Online ROS Courses for Universities

Teach ROS Effectively

An online platform to Teach ROS by using robot simulation

Practice-based ROS Courses

Already Made Lectures & Practices

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Why Use Our ROS Teaching Platform?

Teach the latest Robotics topics in a practical way

Online is Easy

No installation required. With only a web browser, your students can run ROS in whatever computer.

Courses Ready-to-Teach

Lectures, projects, assignments and exams are all provided. Teacher only has to guide students through the course.

Students Learn-by-Doing

We let students practice by programming simulated robots to truly understand the "Why" and "How" behind the theory.

Scoring and Evaluation

With our scoring system, you can clearly evaluate and track your student's learning outcomes.

We make ROS learning engaging, effective and fun, ensure your students get the best ROS learning outcomes.


A Guide for Teaching ROS with No Hassle


Teach ROS Fast: Learn the theory behind the method and implement it by yourself



Speeding Up ROS Training for Laboratory

Learn how to smooth the ROS learning path of your laboratory team


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