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Tailor-Made Robot Operating System Courses for Universities


How Universities Use Our Platform

A Guide for Teaching ROS with No Hassle

Teach ROS Fast: Learn the theory behind the method and implement it by yourself

Speeding Up ROS Training for Lab's New Members

Learn how to smooth your lab's interns ROS learning path.

Selected Course For Specific ROS Topics

Check out the detailed description of all the ROS courses we offer.

We make ROS learning engaging, effective and fun, ensure your students get the best possible results from our ROS courses.

Our ROS Teaching Platform


Everything Prepared

Platform, projects, lessons and exams provided. Teacher only has to guide students through the course.

Students Learn by Practicing

Practice on every step, build ROS programs in the development environment and test them on the simulated robots.

Latest ROS Topics

Course topics continuously updated every month. Created by a ROS experts team, with advanced knowledge in robotics.

Teach ROS with Only a Web Browser

No installation required. Students can learn using whatever computer. Remove unnecessary trouble and save your energy.

Track and Evaluate Your Students

With admin tools, ROS projects and exams, clearly evaluate and track your student's learning outcomes.

Customizing Your ROS Courses

With our customization services, we will help you create a ROS course that is specifically designed to match your classes.

6 Months Free Access For Teachers

6 Months Free ROS courses for Teachers that use the Robot Ignite Academy to Teach ROS effectively. For more details please contact us.

Choose the right ROS plan:

  • 10 Students
  • 600 per semester
  • (plus complementary license for the teacher)
  • 20 Students
  • 1.070 per semester
  • (plus complementary license for the teacher)
  • 30 Students
  • 1.600 per semester
  • (plus complementary license for the teacher)
  • 50 Students
  • 2.500 per semester
  • (plus complementary license for the teacher)
  • 100 Students
  • 4.500 per semester
  • (plus complementary license for the teacher)

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How LaSalle University Use Our Pltaform



" With The Construct our students can jump right into ROS without all the hardware and software setup problems. And the best: they can do this from everywhere "

Lecturer Steffen Pfiffner,

University of Weingarten