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URDF/Transmission + Gazebo Controllers

URDF/Transmission + Gazebo Controllers Hey ROS developers! In this post, we will make our robot able to be spawned into Gazebo simulator. Based on the YouTube video series, we’ll show in this format the steps to achieve the final result of the series! In this post number #4, I’m gonna create the Transmissions and controllers to some


  In this video we are going to set a .STL mesh file to one of the links of our robot using its URDF code. From the URDF model used in the previous videos, we are going to define a new XML MACRO to use mesh files for a given link. Up to the end

  This is a series of posts. If you didn’t follow up, you can find the previous post here. In this 5th video of the robotic manipulator series, we will expand the ROS controllers to all joints of our robot using XACRO. At the end of the video we’ll have a full controlled robot through


In this video we are going to set up in our robotic manipulator a new URDF element: Transmissions. After that, we are able to integrate ROS and gazebo simulation using ROS controllers. We’ll use a simplified model of the robot to see how it works. At the end of the video we’ll be able to


In this video we are going to insert inertia property to each link of our robotic manipulator. At the end of the video we’ll be able to simulate this robot using Gazebo, due to having complete physic properties defined to the robot. Step1. Create Project Let’s start with creating a new project in ROS development