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Online Robot Operating System Training Platform

ROS Training for Companies

Train your teams on ROS skills...Fast!

Integrated ROS Online Learning Platform

Learn ROS fast by practicing online simulated robots.
Give your team not only knowledge but also practical experience to create any ROS based robotics development.

Topics We Teach

Practice-based courses focused on the latest ROS topics

Robot Ignite Academy for Business

Discover how to learn ROS fast with the online integrated learning platform.

Stay Engaged

Videos, dynamic learning exercises, and real ROS projects simplify complex topics.


Build your ROS programs and test them on the simulated robots in REAL-TIME.

Track progress

With admin tools, ROS challenges and exam, clearly evaluate your team's learning outcomes.

Anywhere, Anytime

With only a web browser and use any type of computer to learn ROS (Windows, Linux, MacOSX).

Empower Your Team Today

The fast, easy, and affordable way to empower your team with ROS skills

Who Can Use The Platform

Upskill your team

Train New Staff

Intensive Train for Project

Robot Ignite Academy For Business

Equip Your Team With ROS Skills Today