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Keynote Speaker of ROS Developers Conference 2019
Dominik Nowak

CEO at Husarion

Title of the Speech 

Object search in ROS

About the tutorial

Object search task defines a mission in which robot has to explore the environment while observing if the given object exists in explored area. For this purpose, it is necessary to use two different approaches, one for exploration and second for object recognition.

Beside launching object environment exploration and object recognition, it is necessary to keep track of which obstacles were checked by the object recognition process. The task is considered as finished when the object is successfully recognized or all obstacles were checked with no object detection.

After completing this tutorial you should be familiar with controlling tasks using the actionlib library. You will also know basic usage of the grid_map library to load, edit, create from scratch and publish nav_msgs/OccupancyGrid maps. Finally, you will be able to configure your robot to search for an object inselected area.



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