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Speaker of ROS Developers Conference
Ephson Guakro



Being a Roboticist cool right?
It's much more impressive with ROS because, I get test out ideas as crazy as they might sound, reiterate multiple times and go straight to production in a short time span.

About Ephson Guakro

A Computer Science and Engineering major from the University of Mines and Technology, Ghana and the CEO of LEOCORP (, a startup that specializes in Automation and Computer Graphics. He is also, the designer of a Voice Recognition module for playing Video Games.

Title and Abstract of the Speech 

To demonstrate the use of FlexBe in designing and modifying Robot behavior on-the-fly.


In this talk, Ephson will walk you through the creation processes of robot states and state machines. His approach will unfold in this manner;
- What FlexBe Engine is, and basic terminologies
- How to design robot behavior
- How to execute and monitor robot behavior at runtime
You will be practicing with him by using the Turtlebot to demonstrate all the concepts.


- FlexBe Behavior Engine HOMEPAGE

Video Recording

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