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ROS Development Studio

Program and test any robot using only a web browser

Speeding Up Robotics Programming Development

Develop ROS programs for robots.

Test the programs in real time on the provided simulated robots.

Optional: connect the RDS to your real robot and test your program on it.

√ Build programs for any ROS based robot

A complete environment to program, debug and test. Simulations of the robots already included.

√ Fully Web Based

No installation required. Forget about installing stuff in your computer. Not even ROS required!

√ Use Any Device

Use any type of computer to develop and test ROS programs (Windows, Linux, MacOSX)


How to develop ROS programs in a faster and more effective way ?

Start Simple

Just Select a robot and Run. Robots are available off-the-shelf with their ROS interface.
Additionally, you can create your own robot.

Effective Development

Use the Development Environment to program, learn about the robot you are programming for, and test programs on the robot in real-time

ROS Tools Ready

Graphical ROS tools are included in the RDS, like RViz, rqt, or any other that you may imagine in the future.

Connection to real robot

To test what you have developed in the real robot, connect the RDS to the real robot through VPN and switch the roscore.

Make Your Robotics Idea Happen

Exploring the future of robotics through ROS Development Studio


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Discover what people think of us

“Excellent initiative. Can't wait to use The Construct on my next robotics project!.”

Davide Faconti

CEO of Icarus Technology
“The Construct is pioneering the way everybody will use 3D robot simulators.”

Oliver Michel

CEO of Cyberbotics LTD
“The power of simulation to implement people's knowledge and imagination. Great!”

Jose Luis Rivero

Developer at OSRF
A great tool that allows immediate productivity in any browser, at the click of a button, with zero overhead. Highly recommended.


Postgraduate Researcher at Austrian Institute for Artificial Intelligence