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Earn 1 year free courses by inviting your teacher to use the Robot Ignite Academy to teach ROS effectively.


•  want to access all of our ROS courses for free?
•  want to learn ROS but are subject to economic constraints?
•  want your teacher to use Robot Ignite to teach ROS?
•  want to use Robot Ignite to do your ROS homework/projects?
•  want to share Robot Ignite with your classmates?

The benefits for referring:

✓  YOU get free access to all the courses for one year (value 720€)
✓  YOU can learn ROS effectively in your class
✓  YOU can use this platform with your classmates to do ROS projects
✓  YOUR TEACHER gets a 10% discount per license


To refer a teacher and receive the benefits, you will need to complete the following steps:​​​​​​​
1. Send the Teach ROS page to your teacher and explain to him the benefits of using it for teaching.
2. The teacher you referred must contact us and confirm purchase at least 10 licenses for three months.
3. After the teacher confirms the purchase, you will get free access for one year.
4. The teacher will get a 10% discount.