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Robot Creation Course

URDF for Robot Modeling

Learn how to create the URDF files to control your robot with ROS

Course Overview

URDF: Create your own Robot in Gazebo


Learn how to go from a robot drawing to a full-fledged simulation with physics, actuators and sensors.
In this course, you will learn how to create a URDF file that defines your robot in the Gazebo ROS ecosystem.

What you will learn

You will have to create 3 different robots, with different dynamics, design, controls, and sensors. Through these exercises, you will learn:

  • How to import your 3D models

  • Creating a Visual Model of the robot in URDF

  • Adding all the physics so that your URDF can be simulated

  • Adding sensors like cameras and imus

  • How to go from a monolithic URDF file to the XACROS file system. This will make URDFs much simpler and more flexible towards changes

Robots used in this course:

- Mira
- Gurdy

24 hours

Learning Path
Unit 1

What is URDF in ROS

Introduction with demo
 (00:05 Hands on training)

Why you need to simulate robots
 (00:02 Hands on training)

How you will learn about URDF files
 (00:02 Hands on training)

 (00:02 Hands on training)

Special Thanks
 (00:01 Hands on training)

Unit 2

Creating the Visual Robot Model with URDF

(00:02 Hands on training)

Learn how to use the URDF creation tools and the creation procedure
(00:05 Hands on training)

Links and Joints
(00:05 Hands on training)

See the URDF
(01:00 Hands on training)

Learn about the morphology of your robot
(02:00 Hands on training)

Learn how to import your 3D CAD models to Gazebo
(02:00 Hands on training)

Unit 3

Adapt URDF for Gazebo Simulator

Add Collisions
(00:10 Hands on training)

Spawn a robot in Gazebo Through URDF Files
(00:30 Hands on training)

Add Inertias
(01:00 Hands on training)

Add controllers
(02:30 Hands on training)

Adding Sensors
(00:10 Hands on training)

Unit 4


Create the Gurdy Robot
(04:00 Hands on training)

Unit 5

XACRO files

Basics on using XACRO
(00:10 Hands on training)

Create your own XACRO
(02:00 Hands on training)

Unit 6

Micro Project: Create your own Jibo

Instructions and the Project itself
(08:00 Hands on training)

Unit 7

What to do next

Keep Learning
(00:10 Hands on training)