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ROS Industrial 101 Tutorial (UR5)

Introduction of some basic ROS tools to control industrial robots with ROS

A Brief Summary

ROS-Industrial is a project which main goal is to bring ROS closer to the robotics industrial world. It is a HUGE project, composed of many packages and tools.

This Course is not meant to make you learn all the things you can achieve with ROS-Industrial, but just to introduce you to some basic concepts you need to know if you want to begin exploring all the ROS-Industrial capabilities. You are going to work with a Moto man Sia10f simulation and an UR5 simulation

What you will learn

During this Course you will address the following topics:

✓ Overview of how to create an URDF file for an industrial robot
✓ How to create a MoveIt! package for your industrial robot
✓ How to perform motion planning using Python

6.5 hours

Programming 2 Robot Simulations: Motoman Sia10f simulation and UR5

Learning Path
Unit 1

Introduction to the Course

What is ROS-Industrial
 (00:02 Hands on training)

What you will learn with this Course
 (00:02 Hands on training)

How you will learn it
 (00:02 Hands on training)

Minimum requirements for the Course
 (00:02 Hands on training)

Special Thanks
 (00:02 Hands on training)

Unit 2

Creating the URDF

Building the URDF
(00:15 Hands on training)

Building the Xacro
(00:15 Hands on training)

Unit 3

Building a MoveIt package

Building a MoveIt! package
(00:40 Hands on training)

Basic Motion Planning
(00:40 Hands on training)

Moving the robot in the simulation
(00:40 Hands on training)

Unit 4

Motion Planning through code (Python)

Planning a trajectory
(00:20 Hands on training)

Planning to a joint space goal
(00:40 Hands on training)

Getting some useful data
(00:20 Hands on training)

Executing a trajectory
(00:20 Hands on training)

Unit 5

Final Project

Build the URDF
(00:30 Hands on training)

Build the MoveIt! package
(00:30 Hands on training)

Connect the MoveIt! package with the simulation
(00:30 Hands on training)

Python Script
(00:30 Hands on training)

Unit 6

Final Recommendations

Keep Learning
(00:10 Hands on training)

Complete the course

Obtain Your ROS-Industrial 101 Certificate